Bead Blasting & Sand Blasting

Pro Polishers Bead Blasting

What is bead blasting & sand blasting in the metal work process?

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting in metal working is the process of using air compression to fire graded beads at your object. The size of bead helps to determine what finish you ultimately require. Bead blasting is a softer medium, great for delicate objects and is most likely to be used by Pro polishers when your item is small enough to fit in our machine:

  • 1.5 feet width
  • 2.5 feet length
  • 1 foot depth

These measurements include items as large as alluminium car wheels for instance. We can mask off any portion of the work that you do not want to be included, or that has working parts such as bearings. Bead blasting is great for getting rid of rusting metal from component parts in vehicles prior to restoration for example.

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting in metal working is a high pressure blasting of sand particles. The uses in metal working are numerous, but it is a process that you would use prior to re finishing an item. Sand blasting is great for getting rid of rusting metal from more solid and robust component parts in vehicles too large to go in our bead blasting machine.

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